7 December 2009

Dot has given birth to two lovely girls, both tricoloured...

30 September 2009

Dot has been mated to Svend-Erik's Andi. When everything goes as it should be we expect the pups to be born around the 25. November...

20 September 2009

Roy got nr. 3 in the 1. Danish qualifier for the CSC 2010 in France
It was a very tough course, so that makes me even more proud ;-) The sheep were brought out on a high very steep hill and after we had the sheep down there was waiting a quite big drive for us. But Roy managed all that and we could complete the whole course, but there was room for improvement in the singling ;-P
Dot did very nice too. She managed to find the sheep, while she never had tried an outrun like this before. Unfortunately Dennis and Dot had to give up in the drive.
Don could't find the sheep, which wasn't a complete surprise for me...

15 April 2009

Roy is DNA tested for CEA/CH and the result was: Normal. So that means that he will never develop CEA/CH and he will never produce pups affected with CEA/CH  

28 March 2009

Farewell to Flint :'-(
Last week we got the very sad news that Flint would make his last journey. Flint was my (Annette) first trialdog en together we went through a lot of nice experiences. He was a great dog to work with and I learned incredible much of him. Flint brought us to several European Championships and even twice into the finals. Flint qualified himself also twice for the World Championships, although the second time his hearing was gone so bad that we didn't start together her - it wouldn't be fair to Flint. When he retired he went to Finland to live with Mia and Tomi. They already had a daughter of Flint and when they heared about Flint's retirement they immediately offered to take care of Flint. We are very grateful for this. Then we knew that Flint would get a wonderful old day and this made us very happy - although the goodbey at that time was also very hard and difficult. Last week Flint couldn't get any more because of problems with the kidneys. Now Mia and Tomi had to make the very difficult decision to say when Flint had struggled enough. Flint was a wonderful dog of which you will only have one in your life - thanks Mia and Tomi for taking so good care of Flinti.

Flint... thanks for all the wonderful years we had together - I will always remember you!!

4 March 2009

Don is totally settled her with us. It's going very good with him and the other dogs and also Iris already loves him. While training he's doing absolutly his best and I can see defenitely progress. Don is very good in shedding the sheep which I'm very happy about. Especially keeping them apart is one of his specialties and I think it's one his favorite exercises. When Don doesn't want the sheep to gather, then this won't happen.

Don also competed in his first trial here in Denmark which he won, although it was class 2, but anyway we had only a littlebit of practising and the sheep were not the easiest...

14 February 2009

Finally we took some nice pictures of Don where he's working the sheep...

1 February 2009

There are new pictures online where the pups are 6-7 weeks old.

And finally the males got their names too. Pup nr 2 is called Fairy Idyll Slash, pup nr 3 is called Fairy Idyll Rex and pup nr 4 is called Fairy Idyll Tim. Tim is going to be Annette's new dog and Slash will be Dennis's new hope for the future.

22 January 2009

Now the girls got their names Pup nr 1 is now called Fairy Idyll Joy and pup nr 5 is called Fairy Idyll Fay. Hopefully we can find out which boy gets which name

19 January 2009

More new pictures taken from the pups (now almost 5 weeks old), they can be seen under 'Pups'.

14 January 2009

Again new pictures are taken from the pups (now 4 weeks old), they can be seen under 'Pups'.

04 January 2009

Again new pictures are taken from the pups (now 3 weeks old), they can be seen under 'Pups'.

31 December 2008

New pictures are taken from the pups, they can be seen under 'Pups'.

25 December 2008

A new dog arrived at our farm. He's tricoloured and has one blue eye and his name is ..... NO not Blue, but Don ;-) He's very sweet and friendly and it seems that he gets along very good with our other dogs. He has been living with Henk Verhoeven in the Netherlands who has been trialing with him. We are very pleased that Don could come and live with us, thank you for that Henk. Keep an eye on him to follow his development, he can be seen under 'Our dogs'.

22 December 2008

New pictures are taken from the pups, they can be seen under 'Pups'.

13 December 2008

The pups are finally born.

3 Males and 2 bitches all 3-colour. Both the pups as Dottie are fine. The labour went easy and without any problems. Dot did just great... !!! Pictures can be seen under 'Pups'.

11 November 2008

Now the website is also here in a Danish and Dutch version. Hope you enjoy...

28 October 2008

Last weekend we were at the 3. qualification trial for the CSC 2009 in Switzerland. Roy did very well and because of that he is 3th in the qualification results for now. We know that there are some others that are missing a few results and they will come back in the qualification results, but anyway it's great to see that it's going so good.

Also on sunday Roy did very good. There we had a trial with a double gather for the 15 best runs of the day before. This was Roy's second time he tried and he did great. He had a bit of problems in his second outrun, but the rest went splendid. He was even the ONLY one that got full points for the international shed...  

14 October 2008

Now you can watch a video of Roy's run at the Continental Sheepdog Championships 2008 in Germany. The video is made by Ebbo Steiner and I'm very thankfull that I may use the video on our website. Thanks Ebbo and Melanie

13 October 2008

Dot is mated by Roy this week, so we expect the pups in week 50. Now it's really getting exciting...

Roy has also mated Lynn. A very nice bitch owned by Ebbo and Melanie from Germany...

09 September 2008

We have made some pictures of the pups from Roy and Flame, you can see them under 'Pups' in the menu.

25 August 2008

Last weekend we've been to Germany to the Continental Sheepdog Championships were Roy should compete for the Danish team. He did great and we were very proud of him. Roy finished on the 23. place (out of 87 runs) and he got 156 points, which was only 7 points (and 7 places) from a place in the finals, so that was very close. Considering that this was only the 4. time that he ran a course of this size, the result was incredible. I hope that we can get the pictures from the CSC on the website this week, before we travel to Wales next week for the World Trial were Roy shall be competing again. Otherwise they will come after the WT...

10 August 2008

Finally the new layout for our homepage is finished.
We hope you'll enjoy your stay here @ Flintenlund.dk

02 August 2008

Roy became a daddy this night. 4 girls and 2 boys. All the pups are doing fine
and mommy Flame as well. Congratulations to the proud parents :-)