Pups expected autumn 2016:

We have planned a litter with Alisha and Con later this year (Annette Kofoed's Border Wilson's Conquistador). Con is a black and white dog that has impressed us from the very first start. In his very first season of qualification trials he was very close of having a place in the national team. Here he was only 2,5 years old. He is a very stable dog, great listener and has a lot sheep sense. Keeps his head cool and has a very nice style. Pricked ears, rough coated... beautiful dog. He has been DNA tested normal for CEA/CH and A-hips. And by the way... this year he made it to be a teammember and will compete in the European Championship in Finland (CSC 2016). Here a little video of Con from a qualification trial. Video

Alisha is also a great sheepdog. She is a very strong bitch, will move any type of sheep, she might be a hand full now and then while working sheep ;) She is more a working dog than a trial dog. She loves to work big flocks and moving them around the field, helping with feeding them and other stuff that needs to be done. Alisha has A-hips and is DNA tested normal for CEA/CH.

On the 10th of September Alisha has been mated to Con and a few days later again. So we hope that everything goes well, and that we can bid welcome to some very nice puppies in the weekend of 12/13 November. Click her if you want to see how the pedigree will look like Pedigree

The pups will be eye tested, FCI registered, chipped and dewormed.

Are you interested and/or having more questions, please contact us by email or phone +45 24 79 53 30 / +45 51 84 00 00

Saturday the 12th of November the pups were born. At 5:25 o'clock in the morning the first pup came. 3,5 weeks after the mating we took an ultra sound which showed 3 pups. So when 3 pups were born, we hoped there would some more, even when they weren't there on the ultra sound. And yes, nr. 4 came and even nr 5. But Alisha didn't stopped pupping. Nr. 6 and 7 followed and this went on until 10 pups were born. Unfortunately one pup was stillborn, so 9 beautiful pups - alive and kicking ;)
1 black/white bitch, 3 tricoloured bitches and 5 tricoloured dogs. Herunder you can see some pictures of them :)

6 days old :)

2 days old :)
Bitch 1 - black/white Bitch 1 - black/white
Bitch 2 - tricoloured Bitch 2 - tricoloured
Bitch 3 - tricoloured Bitch 3 - tricoloured
Bitch 4 - tricoloured Bitch 4 - tricoloured
Dog 1 - tricoloured Dog 1 - tricoloured
Dog 2 - tricoloured Dog 2 - tricoloured
Dog 3 - tricoloured Dog 3 - tricoloured
Dog 4 - tricoloured Dog 4 - tricoloured
Dog 5 - tricoloured Dog 5 - tricoloured